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Wild Mushrooms by Millard Family Mushrooms; We are located in Waldport, Oregon on the scenic Oregon Coast and distribute wild forest fungi to the mushroom loving masses. Our family collects and sells only wild mushrooms from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, including: Chanterelles, Morels, Matsutake, Boletes, Lobsters, Oysters, Hedgehogs and many more.

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Our most popular product is our gourmet Cream of Wild Mushroom
Soup Mix. Makes 6 cups of soup with King Boletes, Golden and Black Chanterelles and Lobster Mushrooms, just add water! January 2007 – Candy Caps are back in stock – Get them Now!!

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We love to collect wild mushrooms! Wandering through the forest on a gorgeous autumn day looking for our fine fungal friends can be a memorable experience. Wild Mushroom Pictures from festivals – Yachats and Mount Pisgah.

We participate in many farmer’s markets and Mushroom Festivals including the Yachats Mushroom Festival in Yachats, Oregon. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of fungi and educating the public thru forest identification walks and public presentations.


And just in case you are wondering we do not collect or sell psychedelic mushrooms.

If you decide to join the ranks of wild mushroom gathers you MUST join up with people who really know what they are collecting. There are wild edible choice mushrooms that look almost identical to very poisonous mushrooms…and sometimes they grow right next to each other! There are many mycological societies in the Northwest that will be delighted to have you join them on their collecting forays. There are also community college classes in mycolog y and/or mushroom identification. The basic rules that most serious amateur mycologists operate under are these:

Collect responsibly and NEVER taste an unknown mushroom to test whether it is edible or not. Identify species using spore prints and keys and then check your identification with someone you absolutely trust. We recommend David Arora’s books Mushrooms Demystified and All that the Rain Promises, published by Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California.

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